Stevenel Oy

Stevenel Ltd

Cargo handling attachments by Stevenel Ltd. have been helping the loading and discharging processes at the ports and industrial terminals. At the moment we are the leading supplier of cargo lifting devices for break bulk products.

We offer efficient cargo handling solutions for the port operators, ship owners, industrial terminals OEM-manufacturers and Pulp Mills.

We are marketing and selling lifting attachments both directly and through distributors for global markets.

Our way of handling customers means:

Quick responses and quick actions

Professional consultation and best solutions by strong co-operation with the customer

Long term investment for the customer with modern cargo handling equipment.

Fully automated and electric solutions

New loading concept

New loading concept is based on modern, fully hydraulic cranes and automated (or semi-automated) cargo lifting spreaders used at the ports and industrial terminals.


Stevenel offers the following professional cargo handling solutions to improve Your loading and unloading operations: