New loading concept

New loading concept

New loading concept is based on modern, fully hydraulic cranes and automated(or semi-automated) cargo lifting spreaders used at the ports and industrial terminals. This combination makes general cargo handling efficient, faster and more secure than ever.

Stevenel Ltd offering include cargo handling solutions for following materials:

  • pulp spreaders
  • timber spreaders
  • paper reel spreaders
  • chipboard and plywood spreaders
  • Big Bag spreaders
  • spreaders for various steel products
  • pallet spreaders
  • waste bale spreaders
  • container spreaders

Benefits for the customer

Concept of Stevenel attachments with fully hydraulic cranes offers the following benefits for the customer:

  • minimized cargo damages
  • improved working safety
  • increased productivity
  • improved loading efficiency
  • 50 – 80% improved loading capacity compared to traditional rope cranes
  • enhanced total economy

All this means that with the new loading concept the costs of the whole material handling operation can be cut to minimum, improving the competitiveness of the port operator!